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In general, the people of India have a varied perception of Uttar Pradesh. The state obtains mixed assessments in terms of safety and security. People commonly believe that Uttar Pradesh lags in creating a safe atmosphere. They claim that the state breeds killers and other criminal organisations. Despite being an epicentre of Indian culture and having gorgeous sites, the state has been chastised for failing to provide its citizens with the best protection.

According to the figures, Uttar Pradesh registered 43 per cent of hate crimes, creating an insecure environment for minorities. But is this true for all of the cities in UP, or are only a few to hold responsible?

Safety is something that every region of the state is working hard to offer and preserve. Maintaining people's safety and security has become a major concern in recent years. Most people are frequently concerned about their children's safety when left alone at home. This constancy in worrying can also be lessened with the aid of home automation. You may also secure your and your family's safety by installing home automation, which helps you avoid being a victim of numerous crimes such as murder, theft, robbery, etc.

Here, we will highlight some of Uttar Pradesh's cities that have succeeded in creating a community in which people may live in safety:-


The city has shown exceptional performance in ensuring the safety of both its residents and tourists, in addition to being a major tourist destination with its diverse cultural and religious environments. Varanasi scored a safety value of 59.54 per cent, much higher than the city's crime index. Compared to other cities in Uttar Pradesh, women and children feel significantly safer in Varanasi. The city has so far only seen a very small number of crimes against women. In Varanasi, fewer dowry deaths have occurred. The number of dowry death cases was discovered to be 101 in 2008, and it further decreased to 85 in 2010.

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The safest city to Varanasi is thought to be Faizabad. The city's crime rate is declining yearly, according to the data from the crime report. From a global perspective, there has been a 6.09 per cent decline in the total number of criminal cases. Isn't this the happiest time for individuals who reside in the city and those who intend to relocate there too? The city has also seen success when it comes to crime against women. The count fell at a pace of 13.67%, pointing toward growth. Since it is far lower than the national average rate, the number of robbery cases likewise exhibited a downward trend. Similar to stealing, abduction, and burglary, these crimes also revealed a new lower level. Thus, it can be said that Faizabad offers a setting that assures the protection of its women and children in addition to its stunning locations.


One of the safest cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh is Moradabad. On the western edge of UP, the city is located. Moradabad's administrative, commercial, and industrial processes are now widely recognised. The city's crime rate is determined to be significantly lower than the country as a whole. Compared to the national average of 218.67 offences, Moradabad had a crime rate of 78.52. Consequently, the city became one of Uttar Pradesh's safest cities. As the number of homicides decreased by 1.89 %, criminal acts including murder, theft, robbery, and burglary were also discovered to be occurring at a new lower level.

Similarly, burglaries and thefts decreased by 2.1% and 14.98%, respectively. Although the city is sometimes frequently referred to as "The City of Brass," safety conditions have greatly improved. Overall, it can be said that Moradabad is genuinely attempting to ensure the protection of its citizens, placing a great deal more emphasis on the security and safety of its women and children. Therefore, it is safer to reside in Moradabad.


Northeast of Uttar Pradesh is where Gorakhpur is located. In addition to being the centre of religious activity, Gorakhpur offers its residents a safe and secure environment. Despite having a wealth of historical data, the city has also noted a lower level of crime. The city's safety index was 54.90, significantly higher than the city's crime index. Gorakhpur makes sure that its residents may get home securely at night. The city has seen a decline in the overall number of criminal cases ever since the epidemic hit the nation. A minimum amount of cases involving murder, theft, and robbery were reported.


Another city that belongs to the same category as Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, and Moradabad is the safest cities in Uttar Pradesh. Firozabad has the lowest crime rate compared to the national average, ensuring a community that prioritises the protection and safety of its residents, particularly its women and young children.


The emphasised elements above so imply that not all of Uttar Pradesh's cities fall short of creating a safer environment. Because these five Uttar Pradesh cities genuinely try to ensure safety, it is false to say that the state is the source of criminal offences

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