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The crime rate is rising as each day goes by. The threat of theft, robbery and assault is always present. We worry for everyone who lives close to us, even our loved ones. When we relocate to a new city or state, regardless of the cause, we conduct thorough research on the area's essential infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and retail centres, as well as its level of family-friendly safety.

Some of the Punjabi cities in this city are more secure than those in other Punjabi cities. Punjab, northwest India, boasts attractive cities and friendly, enthusiastic residents. The foods are renowned all around the world. In Punjab, the majority of people follow Sikhism and Hinduism. The predominant language of Punjab is Punjabi; however, certain cities also speak Hindi and English. The state is notorious for committing other crimes, including drug selling. Poverty and unemployment are now predicted due to the epidemic, and these conditions encourage the criminal behaviour of disadvantaged people. Punjab is not an exception; this issue is also present in other states. This shouldn't deter us from taking a vacation from the anxiety and despair brought on by this pandemic. We all need a break, and the only thing we can do during this shutdown is look for the most incredible locations and add them to our bucket lists. Planning friendly trips in advance inspire optimism and promote mental tranquillity.

In addition to being a beautiful area to live in, Punjab also exudes a strong sense of rural life with a touch of urbanization. One cannot overlook this area's rich culture and natural beauty. Some cities have benefited from the epidemic by overcoming criminal activity and improving their level of safety. The five safest cities in Punjab are as follows:-


With a crime rate of 38.79, which is regarded to be low, and a high safety score of 61.21, Amritsar is the safest city in Punjab. It is the second-largest city in the state and has had moderate growth. Amritsar's crime rate has been rising while also declining. The fear of being robbed, having a car taken, and theft has considerably lessened. The protection of women is one of the most severe issues facing families, and you would be relieved to learn that Amritsar has the highest standards in this regard. Bribery is the only crime that has persisted in recent years. Nevertheless, the Indian government has designated the city as a Heritage City and it is the location of the well-known Golden Temple.

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In addition to being a city, Chandigarh is also one of India's Union Territories. Benefits of having a well-planned city include its renowned for its impressive architecture. The safety index for this city is 57, while the crime level is between 42 and 43, which is considered to be a moderate crime level. Although there has been a significant increase in crime over the past several years, each offense is only somewhat frequent individually. Recently, the number of crimes, including insults, bodily harm, robberies, and stolen vehicles, has dramatically decreased. Corruption levels and drug-related crime rates are both moderate. As a result, it is regarded as a relatively safe city.


Ludhiana, the capital and largest city of Punjab, is a reasonably secure place compared to other minor towns. With its expanding economy and infrastructure, Ludhiana has been dubbed one of India's smart cities. Compared to other cities in other states, the city's crime rate, which ranges between 56 and 57, is relatively low. The town has a safety rating of around 48. Theft and robbery-related offenses, insults and assaults, and theft of vehicles are all moderate crimes. Even yet, there is still a lot of corruption and bribery. Strolling at night is not particularly secure because there have been instances of theft and snatching. In addition, it is simple to travel during the day and see the city's many stunning locations. Since the city is well linked, driving there is not difficult.


The thermal plants in Bhatinda, the second safest city in Punjab, are well known. It has a 39 percent crime rate, which is a low level. While theft and robbery are not particularly serious crimes, drug users raise serious issues. Drug traffickers are being targeted using various strategies, including screening suspicious individuals and vehicles. According to statistics, it is generally safe to walk alone on Bathinda's streets (75%). Therefore we may infer that it is. Apart from criminality, Bathinda also has other issues, such as the growing environmental catastrophe in recent years.


The well-connected city of Jalandhar is located to the northwest of Chandigarh. It has a safety index of 39 and a moderate (66) level of crime. Every year, there is an increase in crime, with drug trafficking and corruption having the highest rates. Fortunately, offenses including theft, violence, and robbery are mild and declining. Jalandhar is at the second stage of becoming a smart city and is on its way there.

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