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The rise in crime rates has affected us so hard that we are afraid to leave our houses. When outdoors, we naturally worry about our house, wondering if the doors are securely closed, if we have forgotten something, and so on. We still worry a lot while we are at home. It is difficult for us in both respects. We never know what will happen when. As a result, we must constantly be prepared to meet it and be secure. Let us ponder carefully. I believe that home automation might solve your problem. It has several benefits and may assist you in every way. It also advises that if a natural calamity is on its way, it might harm you. Even if you are away from home, you may maintain total control over it.

To return to the topic, certain cities are now secure due to the lockdown, with much fewer chances for the occurrence of significant crimes, while others are not. Due to the lockdown, people have also committed petty crimes such as theft and robbery. But the point is, we're all sick of this lockdown. However, this has also aided us in lowering crime rates. So it's not wholly to a fault.

Let's have a look at some of the cities in Karnataka. Let's find out how safe they are.


Let us begin with Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka and the safest city in the state. It's a tremendously developed city with people from all over the world living there. Some live very affluent lives, while others live pretty ordinary lives. According to reports, Bangalore was named the third safest city for women in 2014. It is a generally safe city with very few instances of organised crime. Women are well-treated in this country. It's a pleasant city. However, you may encounter pickpockets and other petty crimes. It is safer than any other Indian metropolis, yet you must remain vigilant when out and about.

Kidnappings and other serious crimes are not rare in the city, especially against foreigners. Scams are prevalent in Bangalore. Because there is a risk of sexual assault in the town, it is not safe for a woman to go around at night.

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Mangalore is India's central port city in Karnataka. After Bangalore, it is Karnataka's second largest city. The area is well-known for its temples and draws tourists due to its beaches. Mangalore was named the most liveable and safest city in Karnataka in the 2018 Ease of Living Index, issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. It ranks 33rd in terms of safety and security. Women in Mangalore, Karnataka, are significantly safer. However, there have been several communal conflicts amongst politicians in Mangalore. The city is well-known for its cleanliness and serves as a centre for educational institutions. Pickpockets should be avoided.


Manipal is a town in the Udupi district. Manipal Academy of Higher Education has its headquarters here. It is also one of India's most cosmopolitan cities. The setting is fantastic. Manipal is generally secure. However, it is best to avoid going out at night. It had a criminal history in the past, but numerous modifications have been made to ensure the protection of the residents. Manipal is also one of Karnataka's safest cities.


Mysore, commonly known as Mysuru, is a city in Karnataka. The location is well-known for its regal legacy, architecture, and monuments. It's a safe city with friendly people. It is regarded as India's cleanest city. Crimes such as vandalism, theft, robbery, and assaults are prevalent. It is not as lovely as Bangalore, but it is secure and peaceful.


Hubli, commonly known as Hubballi, is a city in northern Karnataka. It is also home to a large number of government offices. According to 2012 surveys, the twin towns of Hubli and Dharwad were rated as the safest in India. Hubli-Dharwad had fewer crimes than the rest of the state. People are kind and helpful. It is a location for those who speak many languages. It is an ideal spot to reside.


All in all, Karnataka is an ideal state to relocate to if you want a peaceful and prosperous life. The five cities we mentioned in this article offer the best of both worlds - they are well-developed with all the modern amenities you could ask for while maintaining their small-town charm. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and prepare for a brand-new Karnataka adventure!

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