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Everyone deserves to enjoy a peaceful life free of crime. Fear of being anti-social is normal in this unpredictable environment. We want to be safe and secure for ourselves and our families. Whenever we decide to relocate, we conduct extensive study on the area, beginning with the required facilities such as schools and hospitals and progressing to the stores and malls that provide basic amenities and entertainment. Another critical aspect that we investigate is the location's safety. We check the news about crimes in that area, ask around for information, and keep an eye out for police stations.

Crime is rising across India due to the epidemic that has resulted in huge unemployment. No state has escaped the opponent created by this tragic shutdown. Certain governments are attempting to reduce the rising crime rate in this circumstance, and Gujarat is among them. Gujarat has greatly reduced crime rates, such as vandalism, theft, assault, and armed robbery. Because theft and robbery are unavoidable during this period of massive unemployment, suitable precautions must be taken to prevent these types of activities. Gujarat has a reputation for low crime since it has a low crime index and a high safety index, making it one of India's safest states, ranking seventh on the list of safest states.

Statistics demonstrate that it is somewhat safe for a person to stroll alone throughout the day and at night. The following are some of Gujarat's safest cities:-


Ahmedabad, a dry city (alcohol-free), is the former capital of Gujarat and the state's largest metropolis. Women's workplaces are quite safe, and they may move about freely. Ahmedabad has a crime index of 31, which is relatively low. Even the number of offences reported in recent years has increased at a slow pace. The general criminal occurrence is relatively low, and offences such as robbery, vandalism, and theft are quite rare. It is even safe for your automobiles, as there are extremely few occurrences of stolen vehicles. The city is mostly a centre for service sectors and industry, but it is also becoming a hotspot for education.

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Gandhinagar, Gujarat's capital city, has a reputation as a planned city. It is home to the Akshardham temple, a huge Hindu temple. Over the years, Gandhinagar has had a low crime rate. The crime index in this capital city is 23.53, indicating very low crime. According to statistics, a person walking alone on the road in broad daylight has a safety rating of 88, whereas a person walking alone on the road at night has a safety level of 72. This shows that it is a highly safe city, as well as a safe location for women. There has only been a handful of cases of crimes ranging from minor thefts to serious assaults and murders. Over the last few years, there has been a little increase in the crime rate.


Surat is one of Gujarat's fastest-growing towns, known for its textile industry, which employs people from all across the country. Surat is the eighth-largest city in India in terms of population. In the last three years, there has been a very slight increase in crime. Almost all types of criminal offences are considered mild in Surat. Robbery, theft, and vandalism are quite rare.

Even though it is a large city, it has successfully maintained a low crime rate. Women's safety is valued in the city, and there have been fewer incidents of crimes against women. Like the rest of India's cities, the level of corruption is modest. It not only has a low crime rate but also boasts the cleanest streets and the greatest retail options.


More than two million people and a single place that everyone considers "home": Vadodara, Gujarat's cultural centre. This property is a favourite of the retired and a gathering place for all pupils. Following Chandigarh, Vadodara is regarded as one of the safest cities in the country. In terms of safety, there is little fear of crime, particularly against women, in this metropolis. One of the biggest markers of safety' for Vadodara locals is the successful development of Garba Nights. When your city's females can walk around the streets late at night, you know it's a safe place to live. They have been able to uphold this reputation for a very long period, which has allowed them to earn the title of "second safest city in India."


Bhavnagar, home to several exquisite temples, has a very low crime rate. Bhavnagar's crime index is 33.16, which is fairly mild. Moving freely around the streets without worrying about being kidnapped or robbed is quite safe. In Bhavnagar, these crimes are quite rare. Although they are being checked, there can be cases of burglars breaking into the residence. Your automobile being stolen is unlikely to happen. In this city, there are also extremely few instances of corruption.


All in all, Gujarat is an ideal state to relocate to if you want a peaceful and prosperous life. The five cities we mentioned in this article offer the best of both worlds - they are well-developed with all the modern amenities you could ask for while maintaining their small-town charm. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and prepare for a brand-new Gujarat adventure!

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